EDU4BIZ - business tips

Miaccount is your back office, this is where you access all of your business tools and the settings for your website.It is essential you go to this area on a regular basis as it is also where you will find important announcements from Miessence.

The best way to utilise this tutorial is to open up another tab in your browser and have your MiAccount dashboard in view. You can swap between this page MiAccount as required.

On the second menu click on the Team Alerts tab! There are 2 sub menus and you will, by default, be on the Ranking Alert page. Ranking Alert shows your down-line team, who they are sponsored by, email address (NB you can click on the email address here to send an email directly to this team member if they are opted in for receiving emails from you).

Next to Team Alerts is the Calendar tab, click on this to access the calendar. This feature is designed to keep you up to date with company notices and events. You cannot add your own reminders or events here. There are 3 categories of notices you will find on the calendar and they are colour coded. These are:

The last tab on the sub menu next to Calendar is News. This is where you can access all news articles the company makes available. The most recent ones will show on your dashboard but the entire list lives here.

From the MiAccount drop down menu we will now take a tour through the “Profile” pages.  As you will see, you will be defaulted to the Edit Personal settings page. This is where you can make any amendments to your details such as User Details, Contact Details, Billing Address. In the Account Details section, you can also view how much you have in cleared & uncleared bonuses, current rank etc.